Endorsements - Nancy George & Greyhorse Farm

Many Thanks To My Friends For Their Continued Support!

Elaine Eustis, M.D.

​Mount Pleasant, S.C.

     "We were so fortunate to have Nancy as  trainer for 5 years.  Her 

understanding of the sport and the mind of the horse are second to none.  Nancy's

attention to the importance of safety and character helped shape my daughter into

the fine individual she is today.  Nancy's training skills easily equal and surpass those of 

well known trainers in New York and Florida.  I think Nancy is a diamond in the rough!"

Barb Goscienski Viner

New Plymouth, New Zealand

"Our son, 3 daughters and I have all lessoned with Nancy George over the course of 10 years.

Her thorough  teaching of all aspects of horse care and riding have been invaluable to us and our

lives with horses.  Her kind yet firm direction has made better horseman of all of us.  Nancy has

helped us find horses to suit our children's abilities and boarded them at her facility.  She is

completely devoted to the horses in her care and I would trust no one more.  Nancy has become

so much more than our trainer, she has become like family."

Demalie Verhoeff


    "Nancy is an excellent horse riding teacher.  When I first began to take lessons with her, I had very little

knowledge of Dressage.  However, thanks to her teaching, I was able to learn more techniques that

helped me gain more confidence and control.  Nancy's love for horses shines through each and every 

aspect of her farm:  the cleaning of the stables, the precise and methodical food distribution and the

amazing care of the horses.  Doesn't matter if you are a beginner or an expert, Nancy's farm is the right

place for your passion for horses."

Fumie Yamanaka

Tokyo, Japan

"I grew up in Kentucky and worked at a race horse farm.  Today, I live in Japan but every year when

I visit, I take lessons at Greyhorse Farm everyday.  It is a beautifully kept small horse farm out in the

country where you can be away from the city into a world of relaxation and riding.  Nancy is very

professional and reliable.  Every lesson is full of wonders and insights with her precise directions and

experience.  Horses are treated and trained in their best care with lots of love.  Greyhorse Farm

is definitely a jewel out in the country!"

Susanne Zwalen

Crab Orchard, Ky.

    "When I first came over to the States in 2003, I knew that I needed to find somewhere to ride and be close to horses.  I have had my

own horse when I was living in Sweden, but they were harness race horses and that was what I was interested in and riding them was only another way of exercising them.  Jerry, my husband, had seen a horse stable and riding barn start up not far away from us

and we went over there.  This is when my relationship with Nancy George started.....Before I came over to the States, I had had an incident with one of the family's horses and I was really scared to get up on the horse's back again.  I was fine with being behind the

horse in a training wagon but getting up in a sulky or on the back gave me such anxiety, so that I was ready to faint.  Nancy did an 

awesome job with me and old "Frisbee" (that is an extremely stable horse).  I went from being scared to being able to take small jumps and cantering at full speed in a couple of years.  Nancy is a very knowledgeable trainer and she does not know what the word -"I can't" - means.  She is not giving up on you, she encourages you forward with a knowledge of how

much you can take that day you are on the horse.  She is taking care of her horses, stable and grounds

with knowledge and love.  She wants you to have a goal with your riding and mine was to get up on

horseback again and I did.....If I was to get a horse I would turn to Nancy with her knowledge and be

sure I would get a horse that is right for my ability."

Julie Clarke

Atlas Farm

Nicholasville, Ky.

"Nancy George is one of the most hardworking and thoughtful horse professionals I have had the pleasure of working with.

Nancy's organization and adherence to best practices and continuous improvement is apparent immediately to anyone

who visits her facilities.  Safety is of primary concern and this is reflected in the barn, where tack is meticulously cleaned

and hung, equipment is well maintained and horses feed and  vaccination routines are documented clearly.  What  Nancy

does best however, is pay attention, individually, to each horse and rider to come under her care.  She is always fully

present and creative about finding new ways to learn that suit the individual horse and rider.  Nancy has the skills and 

​patience to help riders who want to compete at top levels or new enthusiasts looking to improve riding and management skills.  In the

past, Nancy has helped us transition ex-racehorses successfully from the racetrack to the show ring and helped us find them second careers.  Sometimes she does the riding and training and other times she has helped me bring horses along.  She is a wonderful trainer to have at a show because she stays up to date on the rules and judging preferences and is excellent at keeping things organized and relaxed.  She has also sent us some homebred Hunters and Jumpers to break to saddle and they always arrive healthy and well mannered in all aspects of groundwork, making our job very straightforward.  I would be pleased to recommend Nancy to anyone looking for a boarding facility or trainer, as she has a wealth of knowledge and is dedicated to helping each client and horse maximize their potential and enjoy themselves while doing it."

Lauren Morris

Danville, Ky.

         "From the age of 8 until I left for college, I trained with Nancy and learned the importance of horse care and management.  Nancy made learning fun and interesting and always pushed me to do my best.  She taught me the value of hard work and to appreciate the things we have.  After every ride she would make sure that the horses and tack were properly taken care of.  Everything had to be cleaned and put away;  even

on those cold days when I just wanted to rush home and get warm, Nancy insisted that the horses come first. Nancy

provided me with guidance and support while I was searching for a horse that would open the door for a higher level

of competition, and was an integral part of finding that horse for me.  To this day, I value the life lessons I learned while

training with Nancy, along with the growth and improvement in my riding and horsemanship.  Nancy remains one of my

closest friends, and it is always a joy to visit and ride with her as she always has something to teach me!"

Katie Cusack

New York, N.Y.

​"I have known and trained with Nancy George since 1995.  She found all my horses for me and I have bought and sold five....She started 

three off the track, turning them into really nice hunters.   I trust Nancy completely  - she is an incredibly effective trainer (of both horse

and rider)   and the epitome of honesty and integrity.  I haven't been riding now for a few years, but if and when I get back in the saddle

I will ask Nancy to find me a horse."  




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